6 Don’ts in Using Cheap Stock Photos in Your Marketing


If there are five Dos in using cheap stock photos in marketing, there are also don’ts. While we can easily come up with the opposite things to consider on our last post, we chose to give you fresh tips that you can use to effective market your products and services using cheap stock images. Many people are not talking about the proper use of stock images, so we decided to help. Here are 5 things you should avoid in using stock photos cheap to conduct effective marketing.

Don’t use cheap stock images just for the sake of using images. Just because you want to incorporate an image, you will insert it anywhere you want. In marketing inserting a random images is a big no-no. You need to make sure that the image is relevant to your content in order to conduct an effective marketing. Cheap stock photos add value to your content and that is impossible to achieve with photos that do not complement your text.

Don’t use generic stock images. Due to the proliferation of stock photo sites, you are given a wider range of choices. This means you do not have to settle for the first image you see on the search results. Generic images are commonly used by a lot of creative professionals. If you want to effectively market your brand, you should opt for unique images that best represent your brand and message.

Don’t use stock photos cheap that your customers can’t relate to. What image do you think goes with your brand? Think about your products and services. Now, consider your content. More importantly, think about your customers. If your customers cannot relate to your images, there is a big chance that they will not make a purchase or read through the entire article.

Don’t overcomplicate modification. Photo-editing is not always necessary. Stock photo sites offer images that are good enough on their own to create impact on your content and make it more powerful. They are often good enough to capture the attention of readers and persuade your customers to make a purchase.

Don’t feel like you need to use the entire image. If you do not want something in the photo, you can cut it out. Just make sure that you have the necessary license to make such modifications.

While it is important for you to know what to do to create an effective marketing, knowing the don’ts can also help. There are many other things you should avoid in using stock photo cheap in your marketing. For instance, you should neither ignore your background nor get too comfortable with your marketing. Remember know how to use the photos in the right way and wrong way can be effective.

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