This page helps demystify what we do by introducing some of our most asked for services and we may be available to help you with any other creative project you have in mind so please feel free to ask.

Brand Development

Ten years ago, “never touch the logo” was still an overriding law of design that only a few brands dared to break. A logo should still be regarded as a sacred entity but its meaning and impact transgresses its physical construct- which is only really an introduction to your brand.
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Logo & Stationery Design

Usually the best starting point for any new venture, get this right and the rest will fall into place (a little easier). And the good news is… since ninety percent of businesses don’t commit fully to their presentation, you can also add ‘getting a leg up’ to your list of completed objectives!
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This is difficult, but then that’s why you’re paying us to do it for you. When you start to factor in market trends, your audience’s exposure to other peoples advertising- how this affects their mental pop up blocker. As well as what your demographic is thinking about right now and what you could do to put a smile on their face and make them remember you… well, it might start to get a bit head achy. Not for us though, we’ve gone through that pain barrier and have developed a taste for the challenge. It’s important to bear in mind that advertising can be expensive, but there are cheaper alternatives such as flyers and posters that, with a little effort and planning, can still reach a respectable portion of your segment.
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It’s our passion. Being arty types, we have our own gallery from which you can purchase artwork created by local artists and friends of the studio as well as commission one off pieces. At the moment this is an online gallery but soon we will have a physical home in Shrewsbury’s town centre. Look out for our exhibitions in the galleries around Shropshire. We are also available for commercial photography work. We can shoot your product shots, portraits as well as other aspects of your organisation. After the shoot has taken place we can retouch and edit the photographs we have taken. Or if you already have photographs you need retouching let us know and we’ll see what we can do to make them look the way you want them to look.
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Website Design

The internet- It’s the future! Well… actually it’s the present. It’s also one of our favourite things. We love its immediacy as well as its ‘always on-ness’. But have you noticed how most of the internet looks dreadful? Yes, so have we.
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Something We’ve Missed?

Let us know what you have in mind, and we will see if we can help. Don’t forget, we also compose music for both commercial and artistic application